Reviews Review by Terri Schlichenmeyer – ” …true crime aficionados will want to make a special place on their bookshelves for this unique-slant look at one of America’s most notorious killers. If you love courtroom drama, you won’t find this book hard to enjoy at all.
True Crime Book Reviews by Kim Cantrell, August 5th, 2011. – ” I actually do recommend John Wayne Gacy: Defending the Monster. It’s well written, offers a secondary point of view, disclosures information that would not otherwise be known, and offers an insider view to the (sometimes) questionable job of being a defense attorney in America. Book Review by Greg Barbrick, – “I have read a few books about serial killers in the past, out of curiosity – but never anything quite like this. Hearing the defense attorney’s side of things is a fascinating experience. One is able to see first-hand just how difficult the situation is.” … “John Wayne Gacy: Defending A Monster provides a very different perspective than that of the usual true crime books. As such, it is recommended.”
Northwest Indiana Times – “OFFBEAT: New book by John Wayne Gacy’s lawyer a chilling read.” by Phil Potempa – “The question of “How do you guarantee a fair trial without the influence of hate, revenge, media or an outraged public?” is the foundation of the book, which is written in the lawyer’s first-person account…”
Seacaucus News New Jersey – “John Wayne Gacy:Defending a Monster – A Book Review” by Loraine Henrickson –
ReadWorthy Books Review by Dick Davidson – August 26, 2011